Saturday, October 2, 2010

Training is Never Finished

When sending your second draft of training out for approval, only send the content that received feedback during the first round.  Don't send anything that did not receive criticism the first time, otherwise they may find something they would like to change during the second round.  Stake holders love to change things.  Without their changes, what would they have contributed?  My thinking is that if there was something wrong with it the first time they would have said so.  Don't give your SMEs or stake holders an opportunity to simply create more busy work for you.

Leonardo da Vinci said: "Art is never finished, only abandoned."  I think this is generally true of training design.  There comes a point where the training needs to go out to the field.  I'm certain if you got enough people to review your work, there would be something to change everyday.  Even once you get beyond spelling and grammar, there are subtleties in the way things are said that could be interpreted differently.  You could literally work on training design forever.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rapid Instructional Design

I've decided to give myself a project this week and next.  I'm going to template out all the learning exercises that I typically inject into my classroom training.  I found myself racking my brain this week trying to think of a learning activity for a classroom course that I'm presently designing.  I was flipping through books and reading my blog trying to come up with something.  To my dismay I had nothing.  It wasn't until I came home that day and flipped through one of my older courses and saw essentially what I was looking for.

I think if I had a thumb drive filled with the skeletal structure of all the learning activities and exercises I can think of, I would save hours trying to find the right exercise.  This way they will all be at arm's length and I can get back to the work at hand.