Thursday, December 12, 2013

Travel Tips

I know that most of my site is dedicated to what I do for a living – instructional design and training, however one of my other passions is travel and vacations.  In my downtime I enjoy visiting the Caribbean, and in particular Mexico. I’m going to provide you a little tip that I use when travelling.  It’s really simple.

I always travel to the same resort chain.

That’s right.  I have been to dozens of locations but always with the same chain of resorts.  The reason is this. I can show loyalty each time I book a vacation, even if its to a location I have never been. Here is what I do.

Since my very first trip to a destination within this group of resorts and hotels, I have kept my email to the resort that many people send to the resort a week or so in advance of their arrival. Many people prepare this email with any requests they may have for room location or to simply pre-book their a la carte dinners. The next time I book with this resort chain, I forward the email from the last trip, conversation style if you will. That way the public relations people see that I have been to this resort chain time and time again.  My email now contains the message bodies of over ten vacations to this resort chain, which includes Mexico, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic.  Most of the ten trips were to the same location in Mexico, however this has helped me in Jamaica and Dominican Republic as well. What does this do for me?

Well in our most recent trip we were upgraded to the luxury location within the resort, we received the exact building location we requested, a $60 bottle of Tequila was left for us in our rooms, we received unlimited a la carte restaurants for the week (we went somewhere special each night), and generally were treated like VIPs wherever we went on the resort. Like many resorts, this resort chain uses vinyl bracelets to identify groups of guests from one another. Each time we have arrived at this chain, our bracelet has been upgraded to the point where we receive the gold bracelet with red letters. From what I understand this is the highest level and essentially means that you are to receive whatever you request. To give you an example of this, one of the first times we visited this resort chain, we asked for a ride from one of the porters with a golf cart.  We were denied as the carts were reserved for special guests.  In recent visits, the same porters were asking us if we wanted to go anywhere.

So my advice is to stick with one resort company, and track your requests so that each time the resort knows you have been there before.  We don’t spend any extra compared with any other guest but we always get upgraded and treated like royalty.